Monday, July 20, 2015

Stamped Color Club Holo

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How to achieve this look:

1. Start by applying your base coat, I used Essie 3-way glaze.

2. Apply one coat of your base color to each nail and let dry. I used Color Club "Cloud Nine" on my ring finger and pinky, and Fresh Paint "Glasstonberry" on my pointer and middle fingers.

3. Before stamping I like to apply liquid latex or tape around my cuticle for easy clean up.

4. Choose an image and apply to nail.

5. Remove the latex or tape with tweezers, and with a small brush and acetone clean around your cuticles. I use the Kolinksy French Nail Brush #12.

6. Apply a top coat, I used Essie Good to Go.

See this look on Instagram

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** Nothing to disclose. This mani was done with products I purchased.**

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