Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Awareness Nails

I have done several manis to bring awareness to different topics. Some because they are very personal to me and others because I felt awareness is needed for their subject matter. Either way, here are the manis I did to support a cause. I'll list them from newest to oldest...

Jan. 6 - #Pink4Leelah

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For this mani I used Zoya 'Ginni' on my ring finger and OPI's '4 in the Morning'. This mani was also featured in the Zoya gallery on their website.

I made the DIY peel off glue base for this mani too and it came off easily the next day!

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I used a white polish by Pure Ice as my base and added the text and smileys from decals I made.

Nov. 6 - #Movember & #PrematurityAwarenessMonth

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For these I used Wet'n'Wild 'Careful, it's Vine-tage' as a base and did a clear (OPI nail envy) and grey (Sinful Colors 'Cool Grey') water marble on top.

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Oct. 15 - #PAILnails

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This one was the hardest for me and still stirs up emotion thinking how close to my heart these awareness nail are. Loss is difficult at all stages of life.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mani Swaps

I have done a few mani swaps with some lovely ladies you can also find on Instagram, I'll post their names as I post the swaps. You can go to Instagram for more info on any of the manis.

March 2015 Mani Swap with @PolishedAllTheTime:

I'm going to start with my most recent swap. I chose to change the colors to make them work for my St. Paddy's day nails too!

This mani was reposted in Zoya's gallery, on their website!

November 2014 Swap with @MonkeyTigerDragon:

For this swap I chose to do quatrafoil nails. I used China Glaze "For Audrey" and Sinful Colors "My Turn", and topped it off with Wet'n'Wild's matte top coat.

October 2014 Mani Swap with @Sunshine_n_Nails:

We both chose flower manis! I used Wet'n'Wild "on a trip", Sinful Color "starfish", OPI "vant to bite my neck?", and Zoya "Josie"

September 2014 Mani Swap with @BabiesAndNailPolish:

I had never tried nimbus nails so I wanted to give it a shot, I liked the way they turned out too! I used the L'oreal summer 2014 limited edition neons collection.

August 2014 Mani Swap with @DDR0503:

I chose to copy her saran wrap mani, I couldn't find my solo shot of this one but here is the collage. My recreation is the bottom right mani.

July 2014 Mani Swap with @ManicallyPolishious:

I chose to recreate her butterfly wing manicure.