Friday, May 15, 2015

Electric Nights Water Marble

China Glaze Electric Nights

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How to get this look:

1. Start by applying your base coat, I used Essie All in One.

2. Then, apply two coats China Glaze Plur-ple on your thumb, pointer, and pinky nails. On the middle and ring fingers I used Milani Spotlight White as a base color for my accent nails. (In general using a white base for neons helps the colors turn out more vibrant.)

3. Apply liquid latex or tape around your cuticle for easy clean up on your accent nails.

4. In a cup of room temperature water, create a bullseye by dropping different colors of nail polish. I used China Glaze Plur-ple, DJ Blue My Mind, and Red-y to Rave.

5. Using a needle, toothpick, or a dotting tool create a design from the bullseye.

6. When you're happy with your design, lineup your nails and dip in.

7. Using a cotton swab clean the surface of the water. Once the water is clean, slowly remove your fingers and remove the latex or tape with tweezers.

8. With a small brush and acetone clean around your cuticles. I use the Kolinksy French Nail Brush #12.

9. When you're finished apply a top coat, I used NYC Grand Central Station.

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